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Centro Estudios de Psicodrama Chile

Founded on November 1, 1999, 23 years of Experience in Psychotherapy and Specialization in Group and Individual Psychodrama, Families, Couples, Child-Youth and Dreams.

We are a Society of Professionals, created to spread Psychodrama and its Specialization in other Latin American countries. We approach the work of Individual Clinical Psychotherapy, Courses, Diplomas, Group Psychotherapy Postgraduate and Supervisors Course, all of them with Specialization in Psychotherapy. We also carry out: Creativity, Corporality, Self-care and Training Workshops, aimed at Institutions in the Social, Institutional and Private areas. Research and our Publications cover a wide range of topics, which are of great relevance to the Community, Mental Health, Social Sciences and others such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Dance Therapy.

The Chilean Center for Psychodrama Studies is an active member of the IAGP Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, of international relevance. We also belong to the Ibero-American Psychodrama Forum, whose objective is to hold Psychodrama Congresses every two years in the different member countries. The Ibero-American Psychodrama Forum brings together various institutions from countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Paraguay, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela.


Gloria Reyes Contreras

Psychologist from the University of Chile, Master in Group Coordination from the University of Chile and the Jungian Analytical Institute of Buenos Aires, Argentina. PhD in Psychology from the State University of Salamanca, Spain. Founder and Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Psychodrama in Chile, Psychodramatist. Accredited Clinical Supervisor and President of the X Ibero-American Forum of Psychodrama 2015, held in Chile.

Antonio Castrillón

Communicator, Psychodramatist from the Chilean Psychodrama Studies Center, Specialist in Corporality and Group and Individual Creativity. Diploma in Jungian Psychology at the Universidad Católica Chile. Diploma Guestalt Institute of Santiago. Internship in Systemic Couple and Family Psychology, University of Massachusetts, United States. Secretary General Ibero-American Forum of Psychodrama 2015.